Welcome to the 26th Annual DMBL All-Star Game!

This year we prepare to play the 26th All-Star Game in league history -- a game pitting the top players from the Diamond Conference and the Micro Conference.  2012 was the first year that featured the conference matchups. Previously it had been the Hanover Division against the Morris Division, but with the new league expansion, the DMBL chose to realign its two divisions into four.   In 1991 and 1992, there were only six and seven teams, and only one division.  The top players from those six or seven teams were pitted against the AL and NL All-Stars in a two game series.  In 1993, when the league expanded to 10 teams, the league was split into two divisions allowing for a better All-Star game format.

The Diamond Conference unloaded against Micro in this year's All-Star Game. The Diamonds scored early and often, starting off with back to back RBI doubles in the 1st inning. Diamond added two more runs in the second on a Yoenis Cespedes home run. Micro got on the board in the 2nd with a Manny Machado solo homer, but Diamond got it back and then some with 3 runs in the 3rd and another 3 in the 4th. In the 5th inning, Miguel Cabrera hit a 2-run homer to open up a 12-2 lead. After burning through all the starting pitchers, Micro's relief pitchers finally shut down the scoring for the final 4 innings. Micro added another 2 runs in the 8th but it was too late and the hole was too deep.

Every starter for Team Diamond got at least one hit. Mark Trumbo was named MVP as he led all batters with 3 RBIs. Miguel Cabrera and Yoenis Cespedes each contributed 2 RBIs on their home runs. The result was the most lopsided score since 2008 when Morris pounded Hanover 13-1.

Check out all the details in the box score.

Previous All-Star Game Results

Year Results MVP
1991 Game 1 -- Micro League All-Stars 11, AL 5
Game 2 -- NL 10, Micro League 7
Ryne Sandberg, Aus.
1992 Game 1 -- Micro League 3, NL 2
Game 2 -- AL 8, Micro League 4
Kirby Puckett, Col.
1993 Morris 11, Hanover 4 Darren Daulton, Van.
Barry Bonds, Ark. (Co-MVPs)
1994 Morris 7, Hanover 3 Randy Johnson, Wai.
1995 Strike -- no season  
1996 Hanover 11, Morris 8 Albert Belle, Aus.
1997 Morris 4, Hanover 1 Ken Caminiti, Col.
1998 Morris 3, Hanover 1 Juan Gonzalez, Ark.
1999 Morris 3, Hanover 2 John Olerud, Ark.
2000 Hanover 8, Morris 4 Mike Piazza, Haw.
2001 Hanover 6, Morris 5 Chipper Jones, Nwk.
2002 Hanover 6, Morris 5 Manny Ramirez, Nwk.
2003 Hanover 7, Morris 1 Tim Salmon, Stp.
2004 Morris 7, Hanover 3 Matthew LeCroy, Phi.
2005 Morris 3, Hanover 2, 12 inn Johan Santana, Phi.
2006 Morris 15, Hanover 7 Travis Hafner, Car.
2007 Hanover 8, Morris 3 Marlon Anderson, Nwk.
2008 Morris 13, Hanover 1 Prince Fielder, BR
2009 Hanover 6, Morris 5, 17 inn. Mariano Rivera, Mar.
2010 Morris 2, Hanover 1 Carlos Gonzalez, Hil.
2011 Hanover 9, Morris 6 Robinson Cano, NJ
2012 Micro 2, Diamond 0 Ben Zobrist, BR
2013 Diamond 7, Micro 6 Prince Fielder, RWD
2014 Diamond 4, Micro 3 Carlos Gonzalez, LIV
2015 Micro 4, Diamond 1 Collin McHugh, POO
2016 Micro 2, Diamond 0 Ryan Braun, SCS
2017 Diamond 12, Micro 4 Mark Trumbo, PHI

This year's All-Star Team has been selected.  The leading vote getters by division and position (*ties were broken by commissioner's discretion):

Micro Conference Starters   Diamond Conference Starters
Position Player/Team Votes   Position Player/Team Votes
Matt Wieters, ALN
3   C
Gary Sanchez, HPG
Freddie Freeman, POO
5   1B
Miguel Cabrera, HBK
Jedd Gyorko, LIV
3   2B
Robinson Cano, HPG
Manny Machado, ALN
3   3B
Adrian Beltre, HBK
Carlos Correa, LIV
4   SS
Aledmys Diaz, PHI
Mike Trout, ALN
5   OF
Jackie Bradley, BR
Josh Reddick, VAN
4   OF
Yoenis Cespedes, HPG
Christian Yelich, SCS
3   OF
Mark Trumbo, PHI
J.D. Martinez, VAN
3   DH
Edwin Encarnacion, BR
Johnny Cueto, VAN
6   SP
Max Scherzer, HBK
Andrew Miller, VAN
5   RP
Zach Britton, ARK
All-Star Bench
C Willson Contreras, LIV 2   C Carlos Ruiz, PHI 1
2B Jean Segura, POO 2   3B Martin Prado, ARK 1
3B Anthony Rendon, VAN 2   SS Jose Peraza, EC 1
OF Mookie Betts, HIL 2   OF Bryce Harper, HPG 2
OF Trea Turner, POO 2   OF Tyler Naquin, BR 2
SS Corey Seager, SCS 2   OF David Ortiz, HBK 3
P Michael Fulmer, EP 6   P Rich Hill, TUC 5
P Corey Kluber, SCS 5   P Chris Sale, SF 5
P Joe Ross, SCS 3   P Clayton Kershaw, HBK 4
P Jerrad Eickhoff, ALN 2   P Jake Odorizzi, BR 4
P Craig Kimbrel, ALN 4   P Seung Hwan Oh, TUC 5
P David Robertson, ALN 4   P Aroldys Chapman, HPG 5
P Cody Allen, HIL 2   P Carl Edwards, HBK 4
P Pat Neshek, MAR 1   P Kenly Jansen, SF 3

Voting Results:


Micro:  Matt Wieters, ALN, 3; Willson Contreras, LIV, 2; Steven Vogt, VAN, 1.
Diamond:  Gary Sanchez, HPG, 5; Carlos Ruiz, PHI, 1.

First Base

Micro:  Miguel Cabrera, HBK, 4; Anthony Rizzo, ARK, 1; Joey Votto, HPG, 1.
Diamond:  Freddie Freeman, POO, 5; C.J. Cron, HIL, 1.

Second Base

Micro: Jedd Gyorko, LIV, 3; Jean Segura, POO, 2; Jonathan Schoop, VAN, 1.
Diamond:  Robinson Cano, LIV, 6.

Third Base

Micro:  Manny Machado, ALN, 3; Anthony Rendon, VAN, 2; Kris Bryant, HIL, 1.
Diamond:  Adrian Beltre, HBK, 4; Martin Prado, ARK, 1; Jose Ramirez, PHI, 1.


Micro:  Carlos Correa, LIV, 4; Corey Seager, SCS, 2.
Diamond:  Aledmys Diaz, PHI, 4; Jose Peraza, EC, 1; Trevor Story, SF, 1.


Micro: Mike Trout, ALN, 5; Josh Reddick, VAN, 4; Christian Yelich, SCS, 4; Mookie Bettts, HIL, 2; Trea Turner, POO, 2; Giancarlo Stanton, ALN, 1.
Diamond: Jackie Bradley, BR, 4; oenis Cespedes, HPG, 3; Mark Trumbo, PHI, 3; Bryce Harper, HPG, 2; Tyler Naquin, BR, 2; Jay Bruce, EC, 1; Kole Calhoun, TUC, 1; Adam Jones, EC, 1; Domingo Santana, EC, 1.

Designated Hitter

Micro: J.D. Martinez, VAN, 4; Josh Donaldson, POO, 1; D.J. LeMahieu, ALN, 1.
Diamond: Edwin Encarnacion, BR, 3; David Ortiz, HBK, 3.

Starting Pitchers

Micro: Johnny Cueto, VAN, 6; Michael Fulmer, EP, 6; Cory Kluber, SCS, 5; Joe Ross, SCS, 3; Jerrad Eickhoff, ALN, 2; Jose Fernandez, POO, 2; Jacob deGrom, LIV, 1; Miguel Gonzalez, LIV, 1; Ian Kennedy, ALN, 1; James Paxton, VAN, 1; Tanner Roark, EP, 1; Justin Verlander, LIV, 1.
Diamond: Max Scherzer, HBK, 6; Rich Hill, TUC, 5; Chris Sale, SF, 5; Clayton Kershaw, HBK, 4; Jake Odorizzi, BR, 4; Tyler Anderson, SF, 2; Madison Bumgarner, TUC, 1; Dallas Keuchel, ARK, 1; Masahiro Tanaka, BR, 1; Steven Wright, PHI, 1.

Relief Pitchers

Micro: Andrew Miller, VAN, 5; Craig Kimbrel, ALN, 4; David Robertson, ALN, 4; Cody Allen, HIL, 2; Chris Devenski, LIV, 2; Deolis Guerra, POO, 2; Dan Otero, LIV, 2; Koji Uehara, SCS, 2; Wade Davis, LIV, 1; Pat Neshek, MAR, 1; Adam Ottavino, MAR, 1; Hector Rondon, SCS, 1; A.J. Schugel, VAN, 1; Will Smith, HIL, 1; Hunter Strickland, MAR, 1.
Diamond: Zach Britton, ARK, 6; Seung Hwan Oh, TUC, 5; Aroldys Chapman, HPG, 4; Carl Edwards, HBK, 4; Kenley Jansen, SF, 3; Alex Colome, BR, 2; Jeurys Familia, EC, 2; Nate Jones, HBK, 1; Kevin Law, ARK, 1; David Phelps, PHI, 1; Carlos Torres, ARK, 1.