2016 Draft Lottery

The first round of the draft is decided by lottery. All other rounds will follow reverse order of standings, like in the past. The rule, used since the 2004 season, is intended to give less incentive for teams to lose games in order to get a better draft pick.

NOTE: Because of the dispersal draft and disbanding of two franchises, Boston Baked Beans was removed from the draft lottery results.

Here are the results of this year's lottery:

Picks conducted using http://www.draftpicklottery.com/

Team 2013
1st Rnd
1 Philadelphia Green Rage 16th #1 #1
2 Sardine City Straphangers 15th #2 #2
3 Empire City Trojans 14th #3 #3
4 Hopatcong Floating Fish 13th #4 #4
5 Allentown Mules 7th #5 #10
6 Livingston Lords of the Swing 9th #6 #8
7 Blue Ridge Bombers 11th #7 #6
8 Hillsborough Hired Hitemn 12th #8 #5
9 El Paso Chihuahuas 10th #9 #7
10 Hoboken Cutters 8th #10 #9

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2008: For the first time in league history, the last-place team doesn't win the No. 1 pick. The newly-formed Blue Ridge Bombers (replacing the South Boston Gang) win the first pick, despite posting the fourth-best record. The next three teams -- the 14th place Las Vegas Rat Pack, 13th place Sardine City Straphangers and 12th place New Jersey Team Buddah -- each drop a spot to pick No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4, respectively. The Carolina Mudcats and Vancouver Iron Fist pick as expected, No. 5 and No. 6. The Arkansas Golden Falcons and Hillsborough Hired Hitmen swap the last two spots, with eighth-worst Arkansas picking 7th and seventh-worst Hillsborough picking 8th.

2007: Every team but one -- last-place Honolulu -- plays musical chairs. The Sharks get the first overall pick, followed by 12th-place D.C. and 13th-place Phoenix (now Sardine City) in a swap of positions. Then the shocker as 8th-place Philly -- which missed the post-season only by losing a one-game play-in -- jumped up all the way to No. 4. The three-spot improvement is the biggest gain in draft lottery history. Eleventh-place dropped one spot to No. 5, followed by another big jump -- Hillsborough, the 7th place team, moves up two spots to the No. 6 pick. Ninth-place Hoboken drops one spot to No. 7, leaving the big loser as 10th-place South Boston, who finished with the league's fifth-worst record but got the No. 8 pick.

2006: The first three picks go as expected, but then the next four teams shake things up. The 9th-place Rat Pack and 8th-place Mudcats move up two spots each, to #4 and #5 respectively. The teams that get screwed are 11th-place South Boston, falling two spots to #6, and the 10th-place Bushslappers, dropping two spots to #7. The 7th-place Cutters are then left with the #8 pick as expected.

2005: The results go almost exactly according to the percentages, with last-place Hillsborough, 13th-place Westwood and 12th-place Phoenix getting the first three picks as expected; 10th-place Harrison then lucked up one spot into the #4 pick, bumping 11th-place Hoboken one spot down to the #5 pick. Ninth-place Philly got the next pick as expected, but then 7th-place Columbia moved up one spot to the #7 pick, dropping 8th-place Vancouver one spot to the #8 pick.

2004: The first lottery had plenty of upsets. The only exceptions are Tijuana, which finished last and therefore had the most balls in the draft, and indeed got the first pick; 12th-place Columbia and 10th-place Hoboken also picked in their expected spots. The biggest shocker was Harrison, despite the second-worst record, falling four spots to #6. Taking advantage of the Rats' fall was 11th-place Phoenix, which jumped up two spots from #4 to #2; and 9th-place Philly, which moved up from #6 to #4. The only other change happened with 7th-place Vancouver and 8th-place Brooklyn, who switched the last two spots.